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Date: 2011 - 14 
Client: Self-initiated (Co-founder/Creative Director)
Location: New York, Shanghai & Paris 

Co-founded an experimental award-winning womenswear brand, ‘ENGINEER’, which evolved across New York, Shanghai and Paris through its development. The ENGINEER brand was featured extensively in international and national publications and exhibited all around the world. The brand received investment from  Venture Capital firm Mier Investments and collaborated with world renowned creative showroom Florence Deschamps in Paris and  stocked in select concept stores internationally. 

ENGINEER combined the creative fields of fashion, architecture and graphics design. The architectural draping, innovative fabrications and digitally engineered prints remained the trademark of the brand and produced unique pieces that pushed the boundaries between art and fashion. Each collection was grounded in deep-concepts that explored the zeitgeist of the current time. Collaborations with artisans were celebrated and one of the most savoured parts of the creation process. We worked locally with producers directly, to bring the garments to life – they weaved their love, skills and stories into the collections alongside ours.  

Each collection explored different conceptual developments, and below is a glimpse into the creations lovingly developed by our team. 

Hybrid AW13

The collection 'Hybrid' evolved in collaboration with world renowned British X-Ray Photographer Nick Veasey's beautiful organic imagery, taking the X-rays of various plants and re-fragmenting them to create digital engineered prints which merge seamlessly throughout the collection. Highly conceptual in nature the collection explores the concept of hybridization featuring different textures, fabrics and embroidery striving to produce an elegant yet progressive aesthetic.

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